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DIY drink décor that dazzles!

Cheerful cubes and sparking tinsel stirrers make every drink delightful and dazzling! For your next sparkling water on the rocks chill your favorite fruit pieces, herb or an edible flower into your cubes for a festive and flavorful finishing touch. Or add a sparkling finish to your favorite mocktail with simple sparkly tinsel stirrers that turn every drink into a party!

Cheerful Chilled Cubes - What you'll need:

Water (for perfectly clear cubes, use distilled water that has been boiled then cooled)

Ice Cube Tray (use a cube size small enough to fit inside the lip your glass)

Your choice: citrus slices, cherries, pomegranate seeds, cranberries, berries, mint, basil, rosemary or edible decorative flowers

Preparing the Ice Cubes:

To suspend your fruit, herb or flower in the center of the cube, fill your tray 1/4 full and chill until frozen. Next place your pieces on top of the frozen layer, then fill to 2/3 full, and chill again. Finish by topping off the remainder of the tray with water for a fully suspended chill (pictured above).

In a hurry? Simply place your fruit, herb or flower in the cube tray and top with sparkling water for a free-flowing cube marbled with your favorite bubbles and flavor.

Sparkling Tinsel Stirrers - What you'll need:

Put those extra wooden skewers from the summer grill to good use with a simple craft that adds instant festivity to your favorite drink!

Wooden skewers

Tinsel garland


glue (hot glue or quick drying)

Preparing the Tinsel Stirrers:

Cut a one-inch piece of tinsel. Add a dab of glue and wrap the tinsel around it. Let dry. Place directly into each glass or group all together in a vase or pitcher to create a tinsel bouquet for your guests to choose their stirrer from.




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