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Hi, I’m Cheri, thanks for stopping by! I am a foodie and for over 20 years I've savored every moment of my marketing career in the world of food and beverages. I’ve worked for a celebrity chef in Beverly Hills, handcrafted premium chocolate in Switzerland & San Francisco, picked and roasted coffee in Costa Rica, learned how to make the donuts, thrown pizza dough and so much more.

Sounds fun, huh?  Oh what a glorious ride it’s been!

In 2016 I was first diagnosed with skin cancer and chemotherapy left me with permanent neuropathy in my lower legs and feet which forced me to become less active. I gained weight and sedentary lifestyle drove my blood pressure through the roof! I endured a rollercoaster ride of heart and blood pressure medications over the next few years during which I was hospitalized with A-Fib, tachycardia and elevated heart proteins more times than I can remember. At 42 I was in the worst shape of my life.

In 2018 I became my own health advocate (and now a Certified Health Coach and IIN graduate) to save my own life and restore my health. Through this journey, I discovered DASH (Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension), and other dietary approaches to maintain good health in a way that many cardiologists, specialists and medications had not.

The principles of DASH focus on reducing your sodium intake through replacing salty, processed foods with healthier whole foods and home cooking. For me, DASH eating and daily walks (6000+ steps) helped me achieve and maintain a healthy weight and blood pressure without calorie counting or medication. 

If you want to join me to improve your health, I offer Personal Integrative Health Coaching sessions to help you find an approach that works for you. This site is my personal treasure trove of recipes I've created to inspire healthier cooking, pretty healthy eating, sipping and happy living!

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