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All Steps are Not Created Equal

I strive for 10,000 steps per day to maintain healthy blood pressure and resting heart rate. It's nice to keep the body guessing, so when I need to mix things up, I head to my favorite hidden staircase in Beachwood Canyon. 147 steps up, 147 steps down. These historic stairs are nearly 100 years old, and pack a tough vertical punch with a beautiful Los Angeles skyline view from the top! Going vertical sure makes reaching 10,000 steps a lot more challenging, but I do what I can to add another up/down loop on the stairs every time I do them. There are a variety of fun staircases like these around Los Angeles! Enjoy the view!

Hollywoodland Stairs by

Hollywoodland Stairs built 1923. Photo by

Hollywoodland Stairs at sunset by


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