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Ginger Pear Green Tea Lemonade

This refreshing, slightly sweet sip is the trifecta of good health. A base of green tea brewed and infused with ginger, lemon and pear served over ice is the perfect pick-me-up or mocktail for entertaining. I love this beverage for it's tart (lemon) and warm spicy (ginger) notes, delicately sweet with a smooth honey finish.

Ginger and lemon are great for digestion and reducing inflammation, and they marry quite well in this recipe. And let's not forget, green tea is known for it's health benefits thanks to the antioxidant and immunity building properties of the catechins it carries.

Ginger Lemon Pear Iced Green Tea
Ginger Lemon Pear Iced Green Tea by


4-6 Individual green tea bags

4 cups of filtered water (for brewing)

6 cups of ice (for chilling and serving)

4" piece of fresh ginger root

2 lemons

1 pear (I prefer Bosc)

4 Tablespoons of honey

Cheese cloth or fruit infuser/pitcher to place fruit in to infuse the tea

Preparing this recipe:

Simply bring 4 cups of water to a boil, remove from heat and steep your favorite green tea bags in the hot water for 3 minutes. Remove the tea bags and stir in 4 Tbs of honey while the tea is hot.

Transfer your hot tea with honey to a 2-quart heat resistant pitcher and fill to the top with ice leaving about 3" room at the top. Juice 1.5 lemons into the pitcher and set aside the remaining 1/2 lemon for garnish. Stir to combine as the ice melts.

Now it's time to fruit infuse, ideally for 3+ hours or make ahead and infuse in in the refrigerator overnight. Peel the of ginger with a peeler or the tip of a spoon (like you would a potato), then slice into coin sized ginger chips. Cube your pear (rinsed, peel on) into 3/4" cubes. Place the ginger and pear into a sachet of cheesecloth, or into your pitcher's fruit infuser column (if applicable). Cover and refrigerate for 3+ hours or overnight for optimal fruit infusion flavor. Remove fruit and serve in your favorite tall glass pouring over ice, garnish with a twist or slice of the remaining 1/2 lemon.

Nutritional facts (Per 8oz serving - 8 servings per 2 quart pitcher):

Cal: 33, Fat 0g, Cholesterol 0mg, Sodium 0mg, Carbs 9g, Sugars 8g, Fiber <1g, Protein 0g, Potassium 10mg


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